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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: AR Story Medicine

Optimism is an augmented reality app that was developed in conjunction with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We took character and environment ideas from CHOP patients and turned them into posters and trading cards that come to life when scanned with our app. Working with an incredible team of digital artists, I handled the technical side of the project, developing and releasing the app on Android and iOS.

Scanning a character playing card shows an animated 3D version of that character, and scanning a poster opens a virtual portal into that character's world. All of the characters and environments were ideas that came from patients at CHOP, recreated digitally by our art team.

Empowerment Through Media

This project was born from the Story Medicine program at Drexel University. The driving idea behind the program is to create television programming, live performances, digital media content, and interactive art projects to empower pediatric patients by giving them the opportunity to contribute to creative projects. Learn more about the program here.


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