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2nd Sactuary: VR, Motion Capture, Compositing

In collaboration with Philadelphia performance group JUNK and Drexel University, I worked to develop an immersive media experience that integrated 360° video capture, editing, and compositing, together with spatial data capture, procedural 3D geometry simulation, and photogrammetry.

Immersive Video Capture

High definition immersive video was captured using OZO 360 and Samsung 360 Round cameras. State-of-the-art equipment would provide the necessary detail to work with the captured video later when compositing CG footage.

Motion Capture

Using a 16 camera Vicon motion capture system, we captured spatial data of JUNK performers. This was later used to composite CG doubles of the performers into the 360 video.

Photogrammetry, Procedural Geometry, and More!

The whole pipeline involved photogrammetry of objects and spaces to create the most immersive environment we could - the goal was to have participants enter a space in real life, and see a virtual double of that space in a VR headset that would then take them through an ephemeral and provocative audio-visual journey. I also worked on procedural geometry scripts, and a handful of compositing processes to tie it all together. See the whole process here:


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